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Don't Sweat The Small Stuff!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

It has arrived; has been here for thirty-five days, nine hours and thirty-one minutes . . . the Summer Solstice. I awakened this morning in my air-conditioned home drenched in sweat.  When I sat up, the salty liquid dripped from my head, slid down the sides of my face and tickled my skin.  I wiped the disgusting drops with my hands and rubbed my lap with the waste.  This rendered my nightgown useless and I ripped it from my sopping wet body, throwing it into the hamper. The shower awaited my arrival.

The enjoyment of a morning shower has always been one of my pleasures.  The flowing stream surrounds me with a billowing cloud of mist, awakening in me, the energy to begin the day. The fragrance of my favorite soap or gel enlivens the spirit of get up and go in me.  This is the dawn of a new day.   I grab a clean bath towel, pat the drops from my skin and reach for my antiperspirant, applying it generously to the points where sweat flows mercilessly.   I have determined by personal experience that Proctor and Gamble does not yet produce a product that stems the flow of sweat from my glands.  By the time that I am dressed, I need dry clothes and another shower. Sweat is not kind.  It is embarrassing, leaving in its wake, stains of salt on dark clothing. Sweat has an odor of appalling power.  It repels humankind and is even repugnant to pets.  I frankly believe that sweat might even be revolting to skunks. There are however, several positive aspects of the Summer Solstice:  from here on in, each day shortens in the amount of sunshine dispensed from that ball of fire in our sky. The heat too will dwindle and best of all, the perils of sweat will perish. As for me, I will not be sitting in the sunshine inviting the dangers of heatstroke or skin cancer to invade my body.  I won't be hiking in the woods or sitting in patches of grass where ticks can alight on me and give me Lyme Disease.  You won't find me with masked friends around a campfire where mosquitoes bite and pass on West Nile, Zika, Malaria or any of the varied forms of encephalitis.  I will be keeping cool and remaining sweat-free, relaxing in my indoor pool . . . the bathtub. - D A Korczynski Hennessy

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